- Made in the USA - All Size Brass and Stainless Steel Pipe Screens - Made in the USA -

How We Got Started

We are PipeScreenZ™ brand pipe screens. We have been supplying customers, shops, distributors and re-sellers with the absolute Best, Highest Quality Brass and Stainless Steel Screens available since 1979. We are Old School suppliers known for our Highest Quality, Made in America Brass and Stainless Steel Pipe Screens! PipescreenZ™ are manufactured right here in the United States - NOT China, NOT India, NOT Mexico, NOT Hong Kong, NOT Pakistan etc., etc., etc.,.....We have all been disappointed with those flimsy, thin pipe screens that last no time at all - BUY the BEST Screens - USA made Screens! From the highest volume supplier of pipe screens in the country - since 1979 - Old School, High Quality, Made in the USA  - PipescreenZ™ Brand Brass and Stainless Steel Pipe Screens!